Hottest Fashion Trends Of 2017

What are going to be the hottest fashion trends of 2017? With the absolute explosion of “haul” videos on YouTube, we can get overwhelmed with all the info.  Let’s break down some of this info

#1 See Through Boots

What’s the deal with these? We don’t get the appeal of see through boots but if you watch a few haul vidz you will see them blowing up. Black, brown, and red boots, the long standing trend, is always going to be here. This is evident in the explosion of Hunter Boots. However, keep your eyes open to these see through boots.

#2 Ugly Shoes

We have no clothes that match ugly shoes but the word on the street is that they are making a comeback.

#3 Striped Clothing

Shirts, dresses, and pants are starting to show up everywhere. A recent walk through the mall had me dazzled at the amount of striped clothing hanging on the racks. Not only that but the amount of people wearing them was unreal.

4. Over The Knee Bootsover the knee boots

Boots seem to be getting higher and higher every year and we should have no expectation that it this trend will be slowing down in 2017. Over the knee boots are sexy, we all know that. They are attention grabbers and look amazing with almost anything.

5.  Tailored Suits For Women

The old boring women’s pant suits be gone! 2017 has business looking hot. Tailored suits  can be sexy and classy and work is finally a little more fashionable.

6. Exposed shouldersoff the shoulder

How many women now do not not own at least one top exposing the shoulders. Everyone does. And for good reason. They look amazing. Watch for an explosion of exposed shoulders These are just a few of the trends we think are going to blow up in 2017. We always welcome your comments. What are your predictions for the hottest fashion trends of 2017?

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